War Minus the Shooting: the revival of a cricket classicWar Minus the Shooting: the revival of a cricket classic


We are delighted to announce the republication of War Minus the Shooting: A Journey Through South Asia During the 1996 Cricket World Cup by Mike Marqusee. First published in 1996, the book is a vivid portrait of a subcontinent in ferment during an extravagant tournament that foreshadowed the great shifts

It takes all sorts

The theatre of spinThe theatre of spin


By Siddhartha Vaidyanathan I grew up at a time when India won (nearly) every Test at home and lost (nearly) every Test abroad. The phrases that punctuated newspaper reports back then: ‘designer pitches’, ‘underprepared pitches’ and ‘doctored pitches’. The players were ‘tigers at home, lambs abroad’, prospering on tracks they