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Our special guest this week is Clayton Murzello, group sports editor of Mid-Day in Mumbai.

A few months ago, we had chatted with Clayton about his journey in cricket journalism and of the stories surrounding club cricket in Mumbai.

This time we chose to ask him about the stories behind the stories – and the challenges that a journalist often has to overcome in the process of doing a story.

Talking Points:

  • The pros and cons of working for a tabloid
  • The preparation and approach to a cricket tour
  • The importance of reading
  • Meeting a paralyzed Winston Davis in England
  • His first big story for Mid-Day – about Mohsin Khan
  • Interviewing Michael Holding in the Dhaka airport
  • Tracking down the family of a cricketer who mysteriously disappeared
  • Knocking on an Indian captain’s hotel room door late at night
  • The economics of the media today
  • and much more…

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Clayton Murzello (@claytonmurzello)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)

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Lead image courtesy Clayton Murzello

One thought on “The stories behind the stories – interview with journalist Clayton Murzello”

  1. Absolutely brilliant episode!!! As Mr Lokpally mentioned in his episode, Clayton has the most stories, and he’s shown this is in yet another episode.

    First thing first, my first impression about Mid Day. When India lost vs Sri Lanka in 1996 semi final, Cricket Samrat quoted Mid day in one of their regulars “Maano na maano ye sach hai” (a Believe it or not kind of column). The snippet was “Q: why did Kambli cry? Ans: because the bookmakers say as he was not out, he won’t get the money” I was too young (yes :D) and had no idea who was Mid day and what is a bookmaker, but could see it was all fun but I didn’t see the funny side of it 😀

    wrt the Winston Davis story, I could feel Debu da’s emotions and feelings; before this episode, I could relate to Buchi Babu as a tournament that is not organized anymore. Thankfully I can now find other things about him.

    really lovely interesting story about the Chappell family, and it was great he could make it to the dinner and the interview next day 😉

    Bonus content of this episode has to be Azhar’s mimicry for about 1.12 seconds :D.

    Yes, those were the times; these days the players can have their own Insta meetups and provide content for media. But the silver lining is that the print media still has its credibility.

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