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Cricket in Mumbai – stories, legends, and folklore

We are thrilled to bring you the 50th episode of the 81allout podcast.

Our special guest for the occasion is Clayton Murzello, group sports editor of Mid-Day in Mumbai.

We chat with Clayton about his journey – from running a bookstore, managing a cricket club, and covering local sports… before turning into one of the most recognized names in the field of cricket journalism.

Talking Points:

  • The charm of the Kanga League tournament in Mumbai
  • The stories and legends around Dadar Union Sporting Club
  • Tendulkar’s arrival on the club and first-class scene
  • Schools cricket in Mumbai and the unreasonable expectations it puts on young men
  • The legacy of Sunil Gavaskar in Mumbai
  • The heyday of corporate and university cricket
  • ‘Airport duty’ and a big scoop
  • How a quiz helped a Mumbai cricketer get his pension
  • The great storyteller – Raj Singh Dungarpur
  • The thrill of collecting cricket books and memorabilia
  • Etc



Clayton Murzello (@claytonmurzello)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


Mumbai’s cricket cradle – Clayton Murzello

A plateful of biscuits, and an unforgettable car-ride

Kanga League was Madhav Apte’s most-loved tournament

How a Facebook quiz won an ex-Mumbai cricketer his MCA pension


Lead image courtesy Clayton Murzello



  1. Tarun Tarun

    This is a brilliant brilliant pod episode. Hats off to you and your passion @claytonmurzello. On the Kanga league I read somewhere that it used to be very challenging for the batsmen because getting forward meant their faces often used to get splattered with slush due to the ball bounce !

    @sidvee perhaps you should do a similar format for club cricket in different regions in India-each replete with their own folklore- Chennai, Hyderabad,Bangalore,Delhi,Punjab

    • 81 All Out 81 All Out

      Thanks Tarun. And yes, you may well be right about that front-foot point.

      We are hoping to do something similar for different teams/cities.

  2. Sunandan Lele Sunandan Lele

    Zakas podcast between two cricket crazy friends…full of information and stories… only lacuna is no fruits…

    • 81 All Out 81 All Out

      Haha. Thanks a lot Lele bhau!

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