‘He bowled balls that could not have been bowled by anyone else in history’ – Gideon Haigh on Wasim Akram

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In the latest episode we talk to author and journalist Gideon Haigh about his recent collaboration with Wasim Akram on his memoir Sultan.

We talk about the process of writing the book and the challenges that Gideon had to overcome to ensure he told the story in Wasim’s voice.

Talking Points:

  • The process Gideon followed and the contrast with On Warne
  • The conversations Gideon had with Imran, Dravid, Shastri, and plenty of others
  • Settling on a voice for the book – how people imagine Wasim will speak
  • Wasim’s ability to praise and slam his team-mates – often in the same paragraph
  • Wasim’s evolving relationship with Waqar – their partnership and falling out
  • The physical and emotional hurdles Wasim had to overcome through his career
  • The challenge of writing the chapter on match-fixing
  • Was Wasim the greatest bowler of all time?
  • Revisiting the great spells on YouTube


Gideon Haigh

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


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