‘None of us knew anything about the internet when Rediff began’: interview with the journalist Prem Panicker

‘None of us knew anything about the Internet when Rediff began’: interview with the journalist Prem Panicker


Our special guest this week is Prem Panicker, a veteran journalist who has been writing on cricket for over 25 years. Prem was one of the founding journalists at Rediff.com and a pioneer with regard to online commentary and internet radio.

Talking Points:
  • Falling in love with cricket in the late 1960s and ’70s
  • The granular detail with which one remembers games from one’s childhood
  • Listening to the radio and enacting the action based on the commentary
  • The arrival of television to India and the magic it brought forth
  • Entering the world of journalism
  • The brave new world of the Internet – and the leap of faith it entailed
  • Figuring out the internet while writing on cricket during the 1996 World Cup
  • How Indian cricketers embraced the new reality of online coverage
  • The BCCI’s contradictory stance with respect to online portals like Rediff
  • JY Lele and his famous quote that predicted India would lose 3-0 in Australia
  • The match-fixing saga and falling out of love with cricket
  • The lure of blogging and the flexibility it offered
  • Twitter as a second-screen in the cricket viewing experience


Prem Panicker (@prempanicker)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


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