What we talk about when we talk about cricket

What we talk about when we talk about cricket


In the latest episode of the 81allout podcast, we are delighted to be joined by BBC Test Match Special commentator Daniel Norcross and Kartikeya Date, an essayist for ESPNcricinfo and other publications.

We talk about the different ways in which we consume cricket and how our experiences have changed over time. What irks us the most when we watch the game? How easily are we drawn to cricketing arguments on Twitter? How do we react on hearing cliches on commentary? All this and much more come together in a lively discussion.

Podcast participants: Daniel Norcross (@norcrosscricket), Kartikeya Date (@cricketingview), Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee), Ashoka (@ABVan)


Why there is no such thing as a finisher in cricket – Kartikeya Date for ESPNcricinfo

Why selection in India is not illogical or capricious – Kartikeya Date for ESPNcricinfo

Daniel Norcoss on hating to love Jos Buttler – for the Cricket Monthly

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