Awesome Bumrah helps India draw level: India v England, 2nd Test review

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Awesome Bumrah helps India draw level

We review the second Test between India and England in Visakhapatnam – where Jasprit Bumrah powered India to a 106-run win.

Talking Points:

  • A celebration of Test cricket
  • A series with echoes of the 2016-17 home series v Australia
  • Are England really playing Bazball?
  • India’s decision to play five bowlers even with an inexperienced batting line-up
  • Does anyone think of drawing a Test match these days?
  • Jasprit Bumrah: an artist operating on a different plane to the rest
  • James Anderson’s spell and the mystery around how little he bowls in India
  • Did England pick one spinner too many?
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal’s crackling double-hundred
  • Shubman Gill making the most of his luck to a fine Test hundred
  • Do these pitches give India the best chance v England?


Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)

Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)

Ashoka (@ABVan)

Kartikeya Date (@cricketingview) | Substack | ESPNcricinfo page


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  • Jasprit Bumrah press conference after Day 2 –
  • Sky Cricket podcast with Michael Atherton and Nasser Hussain – YouTube
  • India Beat England By 106 runs- Kartikeya Date – Cricketingview Substack
  • Jasprit Bumrah’s spells in West Indies in 2019 – Antigua, Kingston – YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Bumrah helps India draw level: India v England, 2nd Test review”

  1. Great test match. Bumrah is better than any of our dreams, when Shami had burst on scene and had strike rate of about 50 at 100 wickets, I thought we would never see something like that from Indian fast bowler and then to have Bumrah is just a dream! England is a good team and playing good cricket. it seems it is Australia who struggle more in Asia while England seems to do well. The point about cult is right, Ian Botham said that in India, test cricket was dying but people are coming to stadium to watch the bazball in India. I mean all these westerns media constantly say how biased Indian fans are and they only support India so if they are coming to watch bazball, are they coming to watch neutral cricket? One of the two things is clearly not completely true. Indian fans will come to watch India and support India more than supporting cricket, they tend to sense a big series and their interest also increases but saying that it is because of bazball people are watching test cricket in India is that typical annoying western media preaching of saving test cricket for rest of the world while we destroy it through IPL, PSL, CPL etc. Great conversation as well. at least the third occasion where this indian team has made a brave decision in important test match, 2017 dharamshala where they replaced Virat with Kuldeep, 2020 Melbourne where again they replaced virat with Jadeja and now. going with extra bowler even though batting seemed to fickle, even some commentator kept saying on first day, maybe they should have picked Sundar for his batting.

    1. Thanks Tarun. As we discussed, England’s media is fully on the Bazball bandwagon because of cricket’s place in the country. When something is losing popularity, you are bound to latch on to anythng thrilling to hope for the game to become as popular as it once was. Bazball is currently filling that vacuum for them and it’s helped that they have been winning. India deciding to play 5 bowlers in all conditions is a full-on attacking move. And it’s commendable they are doing it even with this inexperienced line-up. Looking forward to an exciting 3 Tests ahead!

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