So much cricket, so little time: how do journalists make sense of the game

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We chat with ESPNcricinfo assistant editor Karthik Krishnaswamy and freelance writer Saurabh Somani on making sense of cricket in these times of excess. With leagues mushrooming around the world, and multiple formats to track, can journalists be expected to have a holistic view of the game?

Talking Points:

  • The evolution of cricket – and pressures on journalists – over the last decade
  • The near-impossible task of watching cricket across formats and geographies
  • The difficulty of ‘connecting the dots’ from age-group to international cricket
  • The need to change one’s writing to suit the rhythm of the format
  • Making peace with not watching most of the cricket that is being televised
  • The lack of bandwidth to take in the big picture
  • The future of one-dayers and how its extinction could have far-reaching effects
  • A future where journalists will need to pick formats to cover
  • Balancing the demands of the market with the demands of journalism
  • The future of cricket coverage with advances in video and Artificial Intelligence


Karthik Krishnaswamy (@the_kk)

Saurabh Somani (@saurabh_42)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)

Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)


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Lead image from ESPNcricinfo.


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