Lyon’s triumph in pitched battle

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Lyon’s triumph in pitched battle

In episode 154 of the 81allout podcast we review the third Test between India and Australia in Indore. On a challenging wicket in Indore – which was subsequently classed as ‘poor’ by the ICC match referee – Australia pulled off a terrific nine-wicket win.

Talking Points:

  • Did Australia do anything differently in this Test than in the previous two?
  • Jadeja’s rare off-Test in recent times
  • India’s collapse on the first morning – and all the pitch talk
  • Did the pitch rage enough? Was the match referee justified in rating it ‘poor’?
  • The problem with variable bounce (as opposed to lateral movement)
  • Khawaja v Labuschagne: a contrast against spin
  • Nathan Lyon’s masterful spell – from around the wicket, cramping the batters
  • Lyon’s evolution as a spinner for Indian conditions – and his battle with Pujara
  • Pujara’s half-century in the second innings – and the partnership with Shreyas


Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)

Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)

Kartikeya Date (@cricketingview)

Ashoka (ABVan)


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  • Chasing Wickets Instead Of Control – Kartikeya Date – A Cricketing View
  • The last grand battle between Pujara and Lyon – Kathik Krishnaswamy – ESPNcricinfo
  • Nathan Lyon proving to be Australia’s unglamorous linchpin in India – Geoff Lemon – Guardian
  • ICC pitch ratings – ICC website


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  1. This time Australia played well and manage to keep their strong side up however they are facing some trouble to play the spinners in India. at the same time in next game they shown the better version as a batsman against the spin attack from India. in summary it’s nice game. know bit more here. Cricket Blogspot

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