A classic ’90s heartbreak – India’s tour of West Indies, 1996-97

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Classic 90s Heartbreak – India’s tour of West Indies ’97

In the latest 81allout podcast we look back at India’s tour of West Indies in 1996-97. A mostly soporific series came to life for four days in Barbados, and handed the ’90s generation of Indian cricket fans a heartbreak of such epic proportions that many have still not stopped thinking about it.

We talk about the lasting pain of cricket losses, the dramatic deterioration of the Barbados pitch, the no-ball (non) calls, the first hundred partnership between Dravid and Sachin in Tests, Sidhu’s crawl to a double-hundred, the two unlikely all-time greats to rise from the shadows of Sachin and Lara, and the impact of this series loss on Sachin’s captaincy legacy.

Also included: Karnataka domination of the Indian squad, Walsh’s run out of Sachin, Chanderpaul bowling legspin from round the wicket, and spicy tidbits from R. Mohan’s match reports.


Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)

Krishna Murali (@mkrishna23)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)

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  1. boss next time plz get guests who have actually watched the series nd not your mothers brother in laws son’s classmate whom you owe a favor to. 🙂

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