The big one: India v Pakistan in World Cups

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The big one: India v Pakistan in World Cups

In the latest 81allout podcast we look back at the India-Pakistan rivalry in World Cups, from 1992 to 2015.

Highlights: Miandad v More in ’92, Jadeja v Waqar in ’96, cricket amid war in ’99, Tendulkar’s three shots in ’03, the greatest anti-climax in ’07, Mohammad Hafeez’ brain-fade in ’11 and Misbah’s lone hand in ’15


Ahmer Naqvi (@karachikhatmal)

Subash Jayaraman (@cricketcouch)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


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  1. Guys, I have just started to listen to this one and I gotta say this upfront- the play button needs to be the first thing one sees on the page. That embedded media player must at least be right beneath the banner for the post.
    You are making it more difficult for the user to access your content. And, you know what they say about attention spans these days. People will just bounce off the page.

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