2018 India Australia Test Series Recap

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2018 India Australia Test Series Recap

The Cabal, still recovering from the joy of India’s test series victory, finally convenes to talk about our thoughts on India’s historic test win. We’re joined by regular guest @sidvee and the doyen of Carnatic music, cricket aficionado Sangita Kalanithi Sri @sanjaysub to apply a critical lens to victory. As always, the discussion grew into a wide range of topics including Pujara, Bumrah, the inexplicable exclusion of Maxwell from the Australia side, and Sri Lanka’s entertaining test record.

A huge thanks to @sanjaysub for giving us nearly an hour of his time in a particularly busy time of the year for him and as always to @sidvee for the insights. Also, Anantha commits the blasphemy of singing on a podcast that features Sanjay!

We hope you enjoy this pod as much as we did recording it!

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