That special whistle: the phenomenon called CSK

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That special whistle: the phenomenon called CSK

In the latest episode we chat about Chennai Super Kings and the nature of fandom the team has inspired since the start of the IPL.

Three CSK fans share their experiences of being drawn to the team and take us through the highs and lows over the last 13 years.

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Talking Points:
  • The early impressions of CSK – and the importance of Tamil Nadu players for the team to form an identity
  • The organic connection fans made with the franchise
  • The rise of Dhoni in parallel to the rise of CSK
  • The value of whistle podu – an anthem that captures so much
  • Suresh Raina’s importance to the CSK batting line-up
  • The allure of the CSK run-chase
  • The Aussie connection – from Watson to Hayden to Hussey to Bollinger
  • The conflict in loyalties when CSK’s overseas players turn out against India
  • The gut-punch over the two-year ban
  • The taint against the franchise and the burden the fans have to bear


Aravind SA (Aravind_SA)

Tejas Jayaraman (Jazz_CB)

Ashoka (ABVan)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


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