From moustache to Mushtaq

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From moustache to Mushtaq

In our latest episode we are pleased to put out a random podcast on random cricketing memories.


  • When Gavaskar and Dravid sported moustaches
  • When Nayan Mongia wore a yellow helmet
  • When Phil Tufnell went after Richard Blakey
  • When Tim Zoehrer showed his backside
  • When Tony Greig and Harsha Bhogle used Pythogoras Theorem to explain cricketing matters
  • When the sun stopped play in Chennai
  • Etc
  • Etc


K Balakumar (@kbalakumar)

Sriram Venkateswaran (@sriramin140)

Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


The truth about Nayan Mongia – Rahul Bhattacharya

Zoehrer scotches sacking claims

Sehwag: the last Samurai – Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

Mark Waugh’s six over Vettori in Perth – Youtube video

Ball from Mushtaq Ahmed goes between off and middle stump – Youtube video

Shahid Afridi pitch tampering – Youtube video

Roger Harper’s electric runs-out of Graham Gooch – YouTube video


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5 thoughts on “From moustache to Mushtaq”

  1. There are some other instances that I want to point out that happened while I was growing up. Here I have excluded the most obvious ones. P.S: Most of my observations are watched on TV. In fact, I have just one Test match on the ground.
    1. 1997, Ind/SL ODI forfeited because of bad pitch. It was an unprecedented event so far in my (cricket watching) career. And they played an exhibition match (25 overs each) for the spectators. There was a usual power cut during that time, and we got to know about these developments only during the mid of the first innings. During those days, SL dominated India at least in the ODIs and they won that match easily.
    2. There used to be a domestic ODI tournament, Wills Trophy. In this, a selection of domestic teams used to play. I think some zonal champions plus a selected XI (Board President XI of sorts). In 1997 season, Mumbai won the tournament and in the presentation ceremony Sanjay Manjrekar (captain) sang the song “aaye ho meri zindagi mein” from Raja Hindustani. I reminded him this some years ago and he replied in my DM saying “that was an embarrassment to say the least”.
    3. India vs Australia 2013 home series. Delhi was the 4th Test and India were leading 3-0. We friends discussed about this and then one of my friends purchased 4 tickets for the 4th day (Saturday IIRC). We went to the stadium with our print outs and then later redirecetd to Rajghat where some person was there in some SUV who’s supposed to handover the tickets to people. (Such is the planning of BCCI when it comes to Tests). When 2 of us reached there to collect the tickets, we got to know that the tickets were of 5th day, and we didn’t know how to react to it. We went back to the stadium and told the other two. We cursed nobody in particular while the noise from the stadium suggested that India were progressing towards 4-0. With heavy hearts, we went to Moti Mahal, the legendary restaurant famous for the authentic Butter Chicken, and had all vegetarian items as one of us was vegetarian.
    4. 1996 world cup, India vs Zimbabwe
    Sachin had just started appearing on TV ads and his “Visa power go get it” aired during the World Cup. In the Zimbabwe game, he got out early and then this ad appeared. I was a kid and got real angry seeing that ad. Now when people react to such things (plus Anushka/Virat issue in 2015 World Cup), I see the funny side of it.
    5. I will add more in this episode or subsequent episodes.

    1. Sriram Venkateswaran’s twitter handle is mentioned as @sriram140 whereas it is @sriramin140. He sounds like Rahul Dravid when he speaks fast.
    2. Sidvee sounds like Sanjay Manjrekar when he’s the moderator. I noticed it in the latest Sri Lanka podcast.

    1. Thank you for these recollections! We must do part 2 of random memories (with different guests). That Delhi Test story is so funny and yet so infuriating. The challenges of getting a simple thing like a Test-match ticket (especially when the grounds aren’t full anyway).

      Thanks for pointing out the error with the Twitter handle. Have rectified.

      And not sure if the Sanjay Manjrekar comparison is a compliment or not. I can assure you I can’t sing as well as him 🙂 – Sidvee

      1. A random memories part 2 would be super awesome. Please ask for contributions in advance so that non-participants can also participate 🙂

        It is often repeated that in 80s/90s we had very less international games, the fixtures were spaced out, etc etc. So we tend to remember most of them. And have some or the other obscure memory attached to it.

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