Crash, bang, wallop… stall

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Crash, bang, wallop… stall

We review England’s win over India in the World Cup match at Edgbaston.

Talking points: Is Jason Roy the new Sehwag? Is Bairstow creating imagined enemies? And what was Dhoni trying to do right at the end?


Daniel Norcross (@norcrosscricket)

Kartikeya Date (@cricketingview)

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan (@sidvee)


(Lead pic from here)


2 thoughts on “Crash, bang, wallop… stall”

  1. Do you think Dhoni’s decision to offer a draw in the Dominica 2011 test could be viewed through the same lens, or vice versa, given the amount of criticism he got back then?

    Or is that not even the same ballpark?

    1. It could be, yes. But there are other parallels too – like the World Cup semi-final of 2015 as well as the ODI at Lord’s last year. At Dominica – one could have argued that the team was trying to protect a series lead. So as bizarre as it was, there was some justification there.

      Here’s a post you can read about that declaration from one of our team – @sidvee:

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