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Powerhouse v Superculture: India v Australia in World Cups

In the latest 81allout podcast we look back at the India-Australia rivalry in World Cups, from 1983 to 2015.

We chart the rise of this rivalry from its modest beginnings and talk about how the commercial rise of Indian cricket coincided with Australia’s purple patch.

Highlights: The Indian team’s depth in 1983, Chepauk’s cracking ODI debut, Jadeja’s diving catch, the institutionalisation of the Sachin-Sachin chant, Azhar’s decision to bowl at The Oval, Gillespie’s slower ball, Ponting walking on water, the Motera trap, and Smith’s never-ending golden summer.


Vijay Arumugam (@vijayarumugam)

Aftab Khanna (@aftabkhanna)

Mahesh Sethuraman (@cornerd)

(Lead pic from here)


  1. Venkataragavan Venkataragavan

    You guys made me wish that I had been born a decade earlier and not in ’95! Listening to you has made me pause each instance and scamper to unearth corresponding Youtube videos. Thanks for this entertaining talk and for making this night a memorable one!

  2. 81 All Out 81 All Out

    Hey Venkatragavan,

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you had a lot of fun digging through youtube videos of old matches. That name doesn’t sound like you were born in ’95 at all 🙂

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